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Fellene Gaylord, web designer

Fellene Gaylord, Creative in Chief, Sirius Media

Sirius_logo_300x300Sirius Media is dedicated to building smart websites for small businesses, individuals and non-profits from our locations in Portland, Oregon and Trout Lake, Washington.

We believe in user-centered design solutions. For our clients that means the web site will be created to meet their business goals and meet their budget. For the visitors to our websites, this means their experience will be effortless, useful, delightful and satisfying.

Fellene Gaylord is the Creative-in-Chief of Sirius Media. With years of award-winning design expertise in both web and print media, Fellene Gaylord offers the best of both worlds when it comes to communications. Her print design work has ranged from literally millions of maps for TriMet, to outreach materials for OHSU’s Center for Women’s Health, to projects for public and private agencies all over Southwest Washington.

Fellene’s web work began in 1994 as part of an innovative development team at There, her focus on accessibility and focus on providing clear, usable customer information in  her 2002 site redesign won the Top Transit Traveler award from the FTA. In 2004, she began creating websites for clients as a after work freelancer and Sirius Media was born.

Since March of 2009, Fellene has been the Creative in Chief of Sirius Media, building affordable and effective small websites for small business, non-profits and public agencies. Sirius Media has created over 40 unique sites for clients ranging from health based non-profits, to photographers, artists, and musicians, to chocolatiers, landscapers, city governments, legal teams, and commercial contractors.

Few designers currently working offer the range of skills Fellene offers her clients. She is able to offer graphic and web design, interaction design, social media management, search engine optimization, photography, website development, cartography, and videography, with the understanding of how it works together. Every website she creates is designed to provide results that are usable, engaging and customer driven.