World Forestry Center

Most Portlanders and area visitors know the World Forestry Center through the Discovery Museum, an interactive museum about trees. But the Center offers so much more, including the World Forest Institute for graduate level study, multiple forestry conferences, speaker series, an art gallery and a wide range of gorgeous event venues. But the old website had grown vigorously without pruning for over 10 years, and now had many branches making it hard to navigate, and impossible to use on mobile devices.

Sirius Media got to work doing research, making information maps, interviewing staff and museum visitors to fully understand the needs of World Forestry Center and the website visitors. With a wider understanding of services offered by the center, we were able to create a site that is attractive, easy to use on any device and an effective communication tool. The long scrolling home page showcases site content and is easily used  by the 40% of site visitors using mobile devices.